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How Generous of You!! ... Wait A Second

How Generous of You!! ... Wait A Second

As I recall, one day while browsing the web, I noticed some pictures of lavish things that people did to honor those who have died; I assume…
How Generous of You!! ... Wait A Second

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The Green Garden

Jul 01, 2022
Who doesn't like fresh vegetables and herbs? However, starting any garden may be a daunting thought. In your…

Kitchen Gardening

Feb 11, 2022
Having a kitchen garden does not mean that you have to live on acres and acres of land to be successful. A…

Only in Israel

Dec 26, 2021
Generally, when you hear about a Christian, Muslim, and Jew, you assume it’s the beginning of a joke.

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The word “kosher” literally means “proper.” When kosher is used to describe food it…

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