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Periodical Cicada

Not by Accident Periodical Cicadas

Some creatures take years before they make a sound; in fact that's what some not-by-accident cicadas are just waiting to do! Read on:
Not by Accident Periodical Cicadas

Not by Accident Chameleons

There has been documentation of nearly 180 different species of chameleons in this world—each unique in its own way—but all chameleons…
Not by Accident Chameleons

Bubbe's Picks

Bombardier Beetle

Feb 06, 2023
It's Not By Accident time again—time to meet another of God's special creatures—that has a defense system…


Jan 22, 2023
Woodpeckers seem to delight in pecking and pounding with their beaks into trees—or drumming onto metal for…


Oct 24, 2022
"Excuse me, excuse me!"


Aug 28, 2022
It's not by accident that even a mother alligator gives her babies watchful care during the first two years…


Aug 11, 2022
One wonders WHY God created the raven with an intelligence which they often use manipulatively over other…

Bald Eagles

Jun 30, 2022
"The Bible verse found in Isaiah 40:31 says they who "wait upon the Lord . . . shall mount up with wings as…


May 20, 2022
"A mechanical creature, the manatee, at A KEY Encounter, waves very slowly as people pass by. But it appears…


Feb 25, 2022
Doves are found all over the world and are normally unafraid of humans.


Feb 10, 2022
All 400 million dogs (the four-legged, domesticated type) running around in the world, have the same features…

The Fox

Jan 23, 2022
A fox has all sorts of built-in equipment it can use or techniques for survival it can apply in case of…


Dec 09, 2021
There are all sorts of ways of getting attention. If you were a male bluebird and you found what you thought…

Honey Bees

Nov 12, 2021
Honey bees are organized and focused— "done right" by their Creator who programmed them with not-by-accident…

African Grey

Oct 23, 2021
It is not by accident that the African Grey parrot is in a category of "prey" rather than "predator" in this…

The Coyote

Aug 19, 2021
A female coyote chooses whom she will mate with - sometimes her choice is unwise! But then there are badgers,…


Aug 01, 2021
The Dromia (or Sponge) Crab, with his ten legs, doesn't move swiftly.

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