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Do you have questions about the Torah, Yeshua, difficult situations, or Biblical Hebrew? Do you want to understand biblical verses better or to get advice? We are here to help! Use the online form to ask your question and we will try to answer it!

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What is the Tanak?

Question: What is the Tanak? Answer: The Tanak is another phrase to describe the Bible books Genesis through 2 Chronicles in Jewish Bibles,…
What is the Tanak?

Pronunciation of Samekh and Sin

Question: What is the difference between the letters ס (Samekh) and שׂ(Sin)? Did they ever have different sounds? Answer: In modern Hebrew…
Pronunciation of Samekh and Sin

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Passover Extras

Apr 05, 2023
Question: Exodus 12:8 says you should eat lamb, matzah and bitter herbs. Why did all the extras come into the…

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