11 Things Not To Do In Israel

11 Things Not To Do In Israel

Going to Israel is an amazing thing that we should all do at least once in our lifetime. But have you ever wondered about the things you are not supposed to do in Israel? Be sure to check out this video before you go:

1.       Don’t be afraid to haggle, especially as a tourist. Prices are negotiable.

2.       Don't be alarmed to see armed soldiers everywhere.

3.       Don’t dress inappropriately, especially at religious venues. Modesty is super important.

4.       Don’t talk about politics – be open to learning from their perspective, but don’t infringe your foreign perspective on them.

5.       Don’t get scammed, don’t hitchhike, and be careful with tour guides.

6.       Always tip 10—20 percent at restaurants in Israel.

7.       Never keep walking when the Memorial Day siren is heard. Be silent at the time. Observe local holidays.

8.       Don’t use Uber – it doesn’t exist in Israel anyway.

9.       Stay on the paths to avoid landmines from wars of yesteryear.

10.    Respect the religion and culture, and never touch an orthodox person of the opposite sex.

11.    Do your own research.



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