• King Solomon's Wall Excavated King Solomon's Wall Excavated

    Buried under millennia of earth and ruins, the legendary stronghold of the City of David has inspired many archaeological digs. This video focuses on one archaeologist’s discoveries.

  • Nathan Saved Bathsheba's Life

    Adonijah is a person that not many seem familiar with. He was actually the fourth son of David the king of Israel and the half brother of Solomon, born to Haggith - one of David’s wives.

  • Solomon

    King Solomon was the third king of Israel and is known as the wisest man who ever lived.  Solomon loved God with all his heart, and gave offerings to God in abundance.

    At the beginning of Solomon's reign as king, God appeared

  • This Fool Didn't Know When to Stop Adonijah at the horns of the Alter

    “Now Adonijah the son of Haggith came to Bathsheba the mother of Solomon. So she said, ‘Do you come peaceably?’ And he said, ‘Peaceably.’  Moreover, he said, ‘I have something to say to you.’ And she said, ‘Say it.’ Then he said, ‘You

  • Torah Study Lesson 12. KING SOLOMON

    King Solomon’s life clearly shows us God’s mercy and God’s willingness to work all things for good concerning us. God can cause the most horrible situation to end up blessing those who love God.

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