What it's Like Living Under Rocket Fire in Northern Israel

In Northern Israel, far from Gaza, tens of thousands of Israelis are refugees from their homes for over eight months now since Oct 7, 2024. They are not being attacked by Hxmas and the other terrorists of Gaza. They are being attacked by Hxzbollah who has control over Lebanon. 

Spend a few minutes with some of the people who are living in the north to slightly understand what it is like to live under constant rocket fire. 

In this video you will see a once well stocked supermarket with very little food items available. I think of how many tons of food Israel is being forced to ship to Gaza, almost all of which falls into the hands of Hxmas, and I think how these innocent civilians in northern Israel are having to do without fresh food because the world does not care about them.  Hxzbollah rockets are burning up Israeli farms, terrifying the residents, killing civilians, damaging buildings and infrastructure, and the world does not care. 

Hopefully, you, after watching this video, will care, will pray for them, will speak up for them, will send financial support so that we can continue to make the book Depressed People of the Bible available to them for free, so that they have a helpful resource to cope with the stress they are going through. 

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