Inside Hamas Terror Tunnels

IDF Spokesperson RAdm. Daniel Hagari walked through one of Hamas' subterranean terrorist tunnels—only to exit in Gaza's Rantisi Hospital on the other side.  

Inside these tunnels, Hamas terrorists hide, operate and hold Israeli hostages against their will along with weapons and explosives. 


I'm here in Gaza City. We are here next to a house of a terrorist. This is one of the senior terrorists who is the head of the operational naval operations that led the raids into Israel. His house is right next to a school. His house is 200 yard from the hospital. The hospital of Rantisi is next to his house. 

There is a tunnel now I want to show you an operational tunnel. The tunnel is built with electricity. We first saw the solar panels then the electricity goes here and it goes down directly to the tunnel. Now you can see the tunnel. You can see the tunnel is led down more than 20 M down the boot found a door a door that is bulletproof. It's an explosives proof so it looks like a hard evidence a clear evidence that the hospital direction is connected. This is a cover tunnel; it's part of the same floor and it slides down here so it's a cover tunnel so nobody can find it. This is Rantisi Hospital and this is the place where I showed you the tunnel. I want to see this is the back side of the hospital. hamas used this hospital. Tonight we have entered into this building. I will show you the evidence. Let's enter into the hospital. We're now entering into the area of the hospital where we had found the evidence This operation was conducted by Israeli special unit the Israeli Navy Seals. This is still an operation that is conducting and I'm showing the first evidence to see. We are now in the area of the basement of the hospital. I want to show you a room where we found all the gear the operational gear of hamas is using hospitals like we showed the evidence in Shifa Hospital in other hospital we are now seeing it in live in Rantisi Hospital. An operation still conducting right now look at what hamas is holding inside the hospital. I want you to understand this kind of gear is a gear for a major fight. these are explosives these are vest with explosives yeah it's a body vest for terrorists to explode on forces among hospitals among patients. We have hand grenades and then we have the RPGs people shooting RPGs from hospitals. This is hamas firing from hospitals. The world has to understand who is Israel fighting against. 

We're now in the basement and in this basement we found a motorcycle. They were all used in the massacre of the seventh of October. They even have bullets in this motorcycle so they massacre on the 7th of October into TC hospital with hostages on a motorcycle. We're still researching this yards from here we find the chair and woman clothes and a rope a rope next to the legs and look above this look above. It's a baby bottle it's a baby bottle in a basement above a World Health Organization sign. This is a suspicious area where hostages were being held. 

We're now looking at an infrastructure. You don't need to build something improvising in a hospital in the basement unless you want to hold someone in the basement. You don't want anyone to see him. again we're in the same basement and here we see diapers and we see I don't know maybe something we see diapers. I want you to see this room it's in the basement of the hospital. We can see this area is a closed area from the rest of the hospital. We can see the ventilation air that was done improvised to this area and we can see infrastructures that was built in here toilets shower a small kitchen will provide the terrorist their needs also conduct a hideout a hideout where terrorists take hostages and Hideout. And I we will show you now the evidence. You're now entering into the room where we suspect the hostages were being held. I want you to look at this room people are putting curtains with nothing above just wall no reason to put here a curtain unless you want a film hostages and deliver movies and I will show you more evidence in this room. There is a list. This list in Arabic this list says we are in an operation the operation against Israel started in the 7th of October. This is a guardian list where every terrorist writes his name and every time he has his own shift guarding the people that were here. 

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