• Giving Thanks for the Miracle of Survival

    (CNN) -...almost 70 years after his village in Poland was liberated by the Soviet army, Leon Gersten is meeting the man who is the Oskar Schindler of his own life: Czeslaw Polziec.  ... Polziec is Catholic. His family secretly

  • Hidden Children

    Even today, no one knows how many Jewish children were hidden during the war. The one most people know is Anne Frank. But there were many others, perhaps as many as 100,000, who lived their own nightmares.

    The survival of these

  • Holocaust Artifacts Unpacked: The Toy Car Set Peter Ney's Toy Car Set: Symbol of Survival

    The day before his seventh birthday, Nazis ransacked Peter Ney’s home in Nuremberg, Germany.

  • My Diary of a Nazi Death Camp Childhood

    In 1944, Helga Weiss came to terms with the idea of dying – with one important condition. She was only 14 years old and had never been strongly religious, but as she waited in a queue at Auschwitz she prayed she wouldn't die after her

  • Survival of a Nation: The Battle for Jerusalem

    Israel’s 1967 battles to rescue Jerusalem from Jordanian assault, and the ensuing reunification of Jerusalem.

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