• Creamy Mushroom Stroganoff Creamy Mushroom Strogonoff

    Many Russian, East European, German dishes are meat and cream heavy, and thus rather difficult to make vegan.  But using cashews and multiple varieties of mushrooms, this recipe extracts all of the comfort and heartiness found in a

  • Creamy Pasta Creamy Pasta

    Make this creamiest pasta at home.

  • Mujaddara (Lebanese Lentils) Mujaddara (Lebanese Lentils)

    Delicious and easy to make, this dish makes the Top 5 list in the Life and Health office.  The lentils and rice on their own are wonderful and full of deep flavor, but the addition of caramelized onions lacing the top of the dish turns

  • Rustic Tomato, Rice & Kale Stew Rustic Tomato, Rice & Kale Stew

    This is an everything-but-the-kitchen-sink stew, but we figured that might not make the most positive first impression.  Grain, vegetables, and starch...this has it all.  The addition of black beans, if you have a can in your pantry,


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