• Chai Hashem Title image: green tree leaves for the song Chai Ha Shem

    This is a beautiful song by Steven McConnell. 

  • Satisfying the Inner Thirst Woman drinking water

    A person in good health can live about 40 days without food, but only three days without water. However, in the aftermath of the 1985 Mexico City earthquake, workers rescued a man who had been trapped without water in a collapsed

  • Steve Rees Psalm 51 Psalm 51 set to music

    Did you ever wonder what the psalms would sound like since they were originally written as songs?

  • The Lord is My Shepherd Photo of sheep inspiring reflection on the verse "The Lord is My Shepherd"

    I remember going on a Shabbat drive with family through the beautiful countryside somewhere in the middle of nowhere. It was great enjoying nature in good weather, going up and down through lush, rolling hills of farmland. We also saw


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