• Elijah

    Around the year 900 BCE, when Israel was not following the Lord, God sent the Jewish prophet Elijah to king Ahab and told him that it would not rain anymore until he, Elijah, gave the word.

  • Elisha Elisha

    God commanded Elijah, the prophet of the Lord, to go and anoint Elisha to be a prophet to replace him. Elijah came up to Elisha while he was plowing his farm. When Elijah let Elisha know he was being called by the Lord, Elisha kissed

  • How Generous of You!! ... Wait A Second How Generous of You!! ... Wait A Second

    As I recall, one day while browsing the web, I noticed some pictures of lavish things that people did to honor those who have died; I assume the honored dead did great deeds for society or at least were thought to do so while they


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