• American Robins American Robin

    "He cares for you" (1 Peter 5:7).

    Did you ever see a bird nest in a tree? How did that nest get there? A bird put it there. Did the bird find the nest somewhere and carry it to the tree? No. The bird had to build it there,

  • Bluebirds

    There are all sorts of ways of getting attention. If you were a male bluebird and you found what you thought to be the perfect mate and also a wonderful spot for a nest, you would communicate what you had to offer by displaying

  • Doves

    Doves are found all over the world and are normally unafraid of humans.

  • Frigate Birds

    The magnificent frigate bird is one of nature's most aerial of all birds.

  • Hummingbirds


    The hummingbird is the very smallest of all birds, with some species being just a bit over two inches in length.

  • Key West Chickens

    There's an estimated 24 billion chickens around the world—definitely not considered to be endangered!

  • Love Birds


    The name "Lovebird" is an excellent brief description of colorful, pint-size parrots that make affectionate

  • Macaws

    "There was loud disagreement going on. Maxine and Rainbow were perched far apart screeching at one another. For the sake of sanity in the mall it was time to remove both to our "time-out" area. Gene got the long pole with a cross bar

  • Northern Cardinal

    A person would have to have a heart closed to beauty not to enjoy the sight of the gorgeous red feathers of the male cardinal who wears a black mask around his eyes and down to his throat.

  • Northern Cardinals

    A person would have to have a heart closed to beauty not to enjoy the sight of the gorgeous red feathers of the male cardinal who wears a black mask around his eyes and down to his throat. 

  • Osprey

     The osprey, or fish hawk, is the only daytime-hunting bird of prey that feeds almost exclusively on live fish.

  • Peacocks


    When a male peacock fans its tail so the highly elongated covering tail feathers actually can touch the ground on either side of him, he is not doing so from pride and vanity.

  • Pelicans

    The pelican has a protection mechanism that is awesome! That skilled "fisherman" bird can dive from a 65-foot height, slam into the water, and scoop up a bag full of fish and-water into the built-in pouch he carries under his lower

  • Ravens

    One wonders WHY God created the raven with an intelligence which they often use manipulatively over other animals.

  • Roseate Spoonbill


    There are six kinds of spoonbills, but the only kind you'll find in the Western Hemisphere (where we live) is by far the most colorful. It's the roseate spoonbill, a long-legged bird with red legs, black knees and feet, who

  • Scrub Jays


    The long tail feathers of Scrub Jays make these colorful songbirds appear larger than they really are.

  • Sparrows


    It is not by accident that song SPARROWS living in desert areas of the Southwestern USA look very different from the song sparrows who live in the humid coastal areas of the country.

  • The Anhinga

    The anhinga, if measured by appearance, to say the least is a sharp dresser! (Black and white is classy, and this large, dark-feathered bird not only has white edging on its long tail, but silvery-white patches on its wings.)

  • Toucans

    "Excuse me, excuse me!"

  • Turkey Vultures


    The turkey vulture, who has some of the most amazing mechanisms to be found in a bird, was designed by a caring Creator to help deal with the emergency of decay and death caused by sin on this planet.

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