• Adam Creation

    On the 6th day of earth's creation God said, "Let us make man in our image after our likeness." So God formed Adam from the dust of the ground and then breathed into him the breath of life.

  • Archie Bunker Does Shabbat

    Carroll O'Connor and Jean Stapleton as Archie and Edith Bunker from All in the Family sit down to Shabbat dinner with the blessings over the candles, wine and challah bread.

  • Candles Candles

    Candles are very special in Jewish tradition because they are said to represent the light from the menorah, used in the tabernacle. Candles are burned for various special occasions in Judaism.

    Traditionally candles are used to

  • Havdallah Havdallah

    Havdallah means “separation” and is a service used to separate the holiness of the Sabbath from the rest of the week. It separates the day that God blessed from the regular workdays of the week. It is also a reminder to us that there

  • Koolulam with Shlomi Shabbat: Al Kol Eleh

    According to their web site, Koolulam is a musical initiative aimed at empowering communities and strengthening the fabric of society.

  • Leil Shabbat Medley with Micha Gamerman

    How does your family celebrate Friday night Shabbat?

  • Maccabeats Lead Havdallah Maccabeats Lead Havdallah

    The Accidental Talmudist posted this video the “Maccabeats Lead Havdalah - Partners In Torah Shabbaton 2014.” For those who may not speak Hebrew or understand what is being said, the video distraction provided a nice guide to

  • Parashat Chol Hamoed Pesach Pesach Matza

    Parasha for the Week: Chol Hamoed Pesach.


    We interrupt the reading of the parashot (plural of parasha) during the Shabbat of the feasts. These Shabbatot (plural of Shabbat) called Chol Hamoed

  • Parashat Vayechel Parashat Vayechel

    Parasha for the Week: Vayakhel: Exodus 35:1 - 38:20.

    Aftarah for the Week: 1 Kings 7:13 – 51.

    Besorat Yeshua: Mark 15:42 - 16:6.

  • Sabbath Prayer

    Sabbath Prayerby Marty Goetz

  • Sabbath Reform

    Sabbath Reform.Nehemiah 13. 
    Sermon by Messianic Rabbi Jeff Zaremsky.

  • Sabbath Rest and Eternal Rest

    The introduction to the Ten Commandments starts out like this, “Then God said all these words: ‘I am Adonai your God, who brought you out of the land of Egypt, out of the abode of slavery. You are to have no other gods before me.’”

  • Sabbath Sermon

    Jewish Messianic Rabbi Jeff Zaremsky's free sermon based on Jeremiah 17. 

  • Sabbath Sign

    Ezekiel 20. Sabbath Sign.
    Sermon by Messianic Rabbi Jeff Zaremsky.

  • Shabbat

    Shabbat. Genesis 2.
    Sermon by Messianic Rabbi Jeff Zaremsky.

  • Shabbat - God’s Sign & Seal

    Shabbat - God’s Sign & Seal. Genesis 2.
    Sermon by Messianic Rabbi Jeff Zaremsky.

  • Shabbat and Torah

    The Torah tells us to keep the Shabbat.

  • Shabbat Candles

    One of the most well known Jewish customs connected with the observance of Shabbat (the Sabbath) is the lighting of lamps or candles before sunset on Friday night.

  • Shabbat Poem

    O' people, dear people 
    the Sabbath day has come
    and we are gathered as a family
    with the setting of the sun.

  • Sidney Robboy Sidney Robboy

    Sidney Robboy was born in Russia during the cruel anti-Semitic pogroms of the Czars. When Sidney was a young boy, his family escaped from Russia by walking all night and hiding under barns during the day. Eventually Sidney moved to the


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