• God Experience - Alexander Bolotnikov Alexander asks God for a good education.

    Just like Solomon, Alexander Bolotnikov asked God for wisdom & knowledge. He wanted to get a good education.

  • Letters to God Western Wall Prayers and Letters

    As the High Holy Days approached, Danny Goldstein, the Post Director in Israel, met with Rabbi Shmuel Rabinowitz at the Western Wall with a special delivery of letters addressed to God and placed between the stones of the Wall. Every

  • Mi Sheberach Lchayalim - Blessing for the IDF Mi Sheberach Lchayalim - Blessing for the IDF

    Music by: @avikraus

    Produced by: The Boys Clubhouse

    Vocals by: Avi Kraus, Ari Leaman, Zalmi Cohen, YY Rubenstein, Lollu Hibbert

    Edited by: Dov Leaman @DobbyFilms16

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