High Priest

  • Cohen Gadol Garment Colors Holiness from head to toe, a High Priest's colorful vestments.

    In the old sanctuary service the High Priest had a very colorful uniform that he was supposed to wear.

  • Melchizadek

    Parashat Emor High Priest serving before the Altar.

    Parasha for the Week: Emor: Leviticus 21:1 - 24:22.

    Haftarah: Ezekiel 44:15 - 31.

    Apostolic Writings: Revelation 1:4 - 6.

  • The Tabernacle Tabernacle in the Wilderness

    The Tabernacle is depicted with some of the most detailed description ever written on a specific topic in the Bible. One of the themes associated with the Tabernacle is the use of the color blue. We are told in Exodus 25:4 that the

  • Yom Kippur: A Solemn Look at the Severity of Sin

    Our Predicament

    God is holy, and He must be regarded as holy (Lev. 19:2). Sin cannot exist where He is,  and in fact His eyes are too pure even to look upon evil (Hab. 1:13). If God is to be approached, it must


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