• Alan Reinach Photo: Alan Reinach

    Outwardly Alan Reinach appeared to be an unlikely candidate for God's kingdom, but in his heart he was searching for truth. But a phone call from an old friend, inviting him to Hawaii to hear the truth of the universe, dramatically

  • Books of Judgement

    Daniel 7. Books of Judgement. Sermon by Messianic Rabbi Jeff Zaremsky.

  • Daniel 2

    Back around the year 587BCE the Jewish people were taken captive by the Babylonians. During this time the king of Babylon, king Nebuchadnezzar, had a dream that disturbed him very much. He called all his advisors in to give him an

  • Daniel 9

    This article looks into one of the most amazing time prophecies in Jewish history. This prophecy was given over 2,500 years ago. It is found in the Hebrew Scriptures, in the book of Daniel, chapter 9.

  • Daniel in Jewish Tradition Illustration: Daniel in the Lion's Den

    Considering the importance of the prophet-hakham Daniel, Shabbat Shalom has chosen to hear from several voices within Jewish tradition who not only praise the book, but also teach from and about it. Hermann L. Strack, in Introduction

  • Daniel in the Lion's Den

    Daniel in the Lion's Den. Our speaker was born in Israel, but he lived in Babylon for about seventy years. 

  • Interpreting The Book of Daniel

    daniel seriesRabbi Jeff Zaremsky presents his engaging interpretations of the book

  • Noah, Daniel, and Job

    Ezekiel 14. Noah, Daniel, and Job. Sermon by Messianic Rabbi Jeff Zaremsky.

  • Prophecies Fulfilled

    Daniel 12. Prophecies Fulfilled. Sermon by Messianic Rabbi Jeff Zaremsky. This sermon breaks down several time prophecies, not only of Daniel 12 in greater detail as introduced in the previous sermon, but all the time

  • Rest and Arise

    Daniel 12. Rest and Arise. 
    Sermon by Messianic Rabbi Jeff Zaremsky.

    As result of sin all humans became mortal. People die and this is inevitable end of each person.
    This sermon demonstrates that God

  • The End of Time

    Daniel 12. The End of Time. Sermon by Messianic Rabbi Jeff Zaremsky. This sermon compares the phrases "the time of the end" and the "the end of time (days)" mentioned in Daniel 12.

  • The Ram, the Goat, and the Little Horn

    The Ram, the Goat, and the Little Horn. Daniel 8. Sermon by Messianic Rabbi Jeff Zaremsky. Rabbi Jeff Zaremsky offers an in-depth study of Daniel 8. You will learn how to interpret this amazing prophecy.

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