• Abraham and Circumcision Abraham and Circumcision

    3,500 years of Circumcising

    In Judaism circumcising a male child is as natural as changing his diaper. This procedure has been done since the time of Abraham almost 3,500 years ago. God threatened to kill Moses because he had

  • Circumcision-Jewish Tradition

    Male circumcision is a well known Jewish tradition. Avraham (Abraham) was called by God and highly honored. God said “’I will cause you to be very fruitful.

  • Parashat Tazriah-Metzora The King Uzziah is stricken with leprosy.

    Parasha for the Week: Tazriah-Metzora: Leviticus 12:1 - 14:33.

    Haftarah for the Week: 2 Kings 4:42 – 5:19.

    Apostolic Writings: Acts 15:19 – 21.

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